The mission of the Baptist Health Innovations, a business unit of Baptist Health South Florida, is to engineer the future of healthcare by providing physicians and staff with world-class resources to turn great ideas into transformative products, devices, therapies, hospitals and services.

To achieve this, the Institute has developed four innovation pillars that guide our activities. These pillars are technology management, applied research and education, corporate development and global programs. The achievement of specific goals within each of these pillars will drive healthcare innovation into the next generation and beyond.*

The nation’s healthcare system abounds with needs that require innovative solutions. Challenges include caring for the growing senior population, lack of access to quality care due to economics or logistics, and infrastructure concerns related to supply chains or diagnostic methodologies. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many of these needs into even sharper focus.
Mark Coticchia Corporate Vice President for Innovation
Global Programs

Global Programs

Global programs, in collaboration with Baptist Health International (BHI), has two major efforts focused around licensing our know-how and bringing new technologies into the U.S. Our programs leverage and monetize intellectual assets that already exist at Baptist Health.

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