Miami Innovation Institute is establishing a series of applied research and education/training offerings to support an organization-wide culture of innovation and to position Baptist Health as a contributor to the future of care worldwide. These offerings focus on the internal drivers of invention, particularly the needs and interests of Baptist Health clinicians and healthcare administration professionals. Through these programs, Baptist Health employees can work with Miami Innovation Institute to identify practitioner-defined needs and opportunities that may lie well before or after invention.

Examples of services we can provide to novice and life-long innovators include:

  • Technological opportunity assessment: Can we implement “off-the-shelf” imaging methods to differentiate cancerous cells from healthy cells in the OR?
  • Engineering services: I need an engineer to assess and recommend an FDA-approved material from which I can build a prototype.
  • Design of Baptist Health-specific opportunities: I believe we can improve clinical trial enrollment in our satellite facilities if we embrace this technological advance.

Miami Innovation Institute’s Research and Education Program includes seminars, technology assessment, engineering and design services, including 3D printing, and a signature Fellowship Program that is in development. Many of these capabilities are accessed through collaborative efforts with regional academic partners and national innovation professional service providers.

Unique features of the Research and Education Program include:

  1. Design and fabrication capabilities – including 3D printing – for proof-of-concept and supply chain resiliency efforts in partnership with Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University.
  2. Fellowship for Entrepreneurs in Health Innovation – This program educates and trains the next generation of internal and external innovators who will populate the new “knowledge economy” in South Florida.

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